Friday, May 8, 2009

I thought we were done!

Let me start this off by saying that I was totally surprised.
I was not expecting anything like this to happen . . . again.

I thought that we were done.
I thought our family was complete and big enough.

After all . . . how could we afford another? We already go through 6 gallons of milk each week the way it is!
Getting woke up by crying in the middle of the night . . . .
Those days of potty training . . .

The girls had both said to me not long ago "Mommy, why don't you have another baby?"
I told them both the same thing "Are you out of your minds?"

So our family is growing again . . . but not the way you may be thinking!

Just after Christmas, we lost 2 cats. We think coyotes got them . . . one we found, the other just disappeared.

Bob was very torn up over our beloved huge, white cat, loving called "Bear". She was one of our barn cats we brought along when we moved from Kentucky. Her real name was Juliet but she had no tail and when she was tiny, she looked like a polar bear cub . . . Hence the name Bear.

So Caitlyn was on the hunt to get her daddy another cat with no tail for him for his birthday in March. Everytime she found one in the paper, they were gone by the time she got there.

Well, a couple weeks ago, Bob & I went to Macon for the day and then out to an early dinner.
The kids kept calling every 10 minutes "When are you coming home?"
"We'll get there when we get there" we kept telling them.

When we did walk in, we found a big note laying on our bed with a bunch of confetti stuff all over.

Wondering why they were in our room, messing up our bed, we heard a little tinkle of a bell and caught a flash a something diving under the dresser.

This is what we pulled out:

A kitten with no tail . . . .

Here is the mastermind of this plot . . .

She's got quite a few names: Kitten Kat, Brat Cat, Riley, Lucy -fer (cuz she can get wicked with those claws) or my favorite Angelica . .. and not cuz she's so angelic . . . .more like Angelica Pickles, the brat on Rugrats.

Now this new little girl has not been good at making friends with Eliza & Bubby, our 2 other cats.
he constantly antagonizes them.

So this has been the only one who will play with her . . .
Alex's dog . . . Jaxson

And play they will!

Every morning tearing up the house.

I yelled at him the other morning to be nice and the next thing I knew, they came charging thru the kitchen . . . her chasing the dog!
She likes to stand on her back legs & box him or jump on his head . . . and he has her whole head in his mouth half the time.

But she never cries . . . .

But this is definitely it for more babies . . . .NO MORE! Do you hear me Caitlyn?

(That's going to be hard . . . she just got a job in a veterinary clinic!)

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