Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Card Photos

Here's what I think we'll use for our family photos in this year's holiday cards . . .it may be the last time I can get everyone together.

Caitlyn is ready to graduate from Columbus Tech & wants to move out soon (what teenager doesn't threaten their parents with that one?). So on Thanksgiving Day I took advantage of the warm weather & everyone home together.

I'm really happy with these . . .it's hard to get a good shot with so many people in a group, but these turned out great. (Just wish Zachary would smile!)

So, here we are . . . Please meet my family ~ the most precious people in my life . . .
Zachary (11) Samantha (16) Me (not telling) Caitlyn (19) Alex (15) and my best friend, Bob (take a guess)

Yes . . .You're seeing that correctly . . .EVERYONE is taller than me now . . .